Our Cybersecurity services include security against Ransomware, Antivirus Programs, Email Security, Encryption and Web Security.

Pure IoT will protect your computer endpoints with our managed anti-virus program, Flagship solutions which detect and eradicate threats to your files, system and importantly – your network.

By using our anti-virus, we will be able to deploy our endpoint protection as a total endpoint antivirus software for both virtual and physical machines. This will prevent unwanted applications from taking their place on your machine.

With our email security, we are able to use software based filtering applications to prevent untrustworthy or malicious email messages from entering your users’ inboxes. This will allow you to prevent your employees from being caught by phishing and scams that could be potentially harmful for your business!

Above all of this, we will afford you the opportunity to equip your business with our full-risk and removable encryption service to protect your business from being critically damaged by unwanted or malicious attacks.

Lastly – Pure IoTs’ cybersecurity service will cover your cloud-based systems with a web solution for always-on, advanced malware protection. Our malware protection will shield your businesses mission critical systems against confidential data loss as well as corruption and digital theft.

For more on our cybersecurity services, please contact us and we’d be glad to assist you!