Monitored Backups

A remote, online or managed backup service is a service that provides users with a system for the backup, storage and recovery of your businesses data files. Online backup providers are companies that provide this backup service to end users or clients. Managing backups can be a painful task and backups are often only seen as being important when one needs to recover data.

Backups need to be monitored and managed on a daily basis to ensure that if or when a failure occurs, it is easy to recover lost data. As data grows in size, backups tend to take longer to complete successfully.

At Pure IoT, we will monitor and fine tune backup jobs to ensure backups are successful and recoverable at all times. Our solutions include on premise or hosted offerings.

Our Managed Backup Services are designed to meet the needs of managed service providers and enterprise Information Technology (IT) departments, providing a reliable backup with central management and monitoring.

Your business data is the life of your company and the amount of data you are collecting and storing on a day to day basis is growing all the time! Imagine the impact on your business if you lost a day’s data, a week’s data or even a year’s data?

Accidents like this can happen at any time and are caused by infrequent backup processes. A Managed Backup Service provided by Pure IoT ensures that your company’s data and files are automatically backed up as frequently as possible.

Our Data Backup Service begins with an initial data assessment and plan followed by a disk backup, deployment and configuration, monthly backup capacity, performance reporting, remote cloud backup and finally data center application and disaster recovery planning.

With our rapid restore capabilities, we will minimize the costs associated with lost productivity and business downtime. No longer will you be unsure of how well your data is protected. With our Comprehensive Reporting service, we will provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly reports to let you know that your data is safe. With the right managed backup service, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure and ready for recovery whenever they need it.